Music to cook to

It is my opinion that the 29 albums below are perfect in every way, nothing extraneous and nothing left out. Individual mileage may vary but this is what will be in rotation in my kitchen… i have linked the band name to the appropriate wikipedia page and the album name to amazon. no excuse not to learn about and listen to these great albums!

Boards of CanadaMusic Has a Right to Children
Butthole SurfersLocust Abortion Technician
CoilLove’s Secret Domain
The CureKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
dead can dancewithin the realm of a dying sun
depeche modeblack celebration
Doubting ThomasThe Infidel
Foetus Inc.Sink
Future Sound of LondonDead Cities
jane’s addictionnothing’s shocking
joy divisionunknown pleasures
klfchill out
lemon jellylost horizons
love and rocketsseventh dream of teenage heaven
ministryland of rape and honey
my life with the thrill kill kultconfessions of a knife
Noise UnitGrinding into Emptiness
nurse with woundrock and roll station
o.m.d.architecture and morality
The OrbAdventures Beyond the Ultraworld
Pink FloydDark Side of the Moon
sisters of mercyfloodland
Skinny PuppyToo Dark Park
smashing pumpkinsgish
swansgreed/holy money
tear gardenlast man to fly
tori amoslittle earthquakes
violent femmesviolent femmes


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