no, my cooking blog has not devolved that far… this is not a post about a meal composed of spam… however, as odd as it seems, even a little blog like mine gets its share of spam comments to my postings, caught by the ever efficient wordpress spam filter. i check the comments marked as spam just to make sure that no legitimate posts are cruelly slandered with a spam tag, pretty much on a daily basis. usually they are inane links to commercial ventures having nothing to do with cooking and simply get immediately deleted. however, tonight, as i check the filtered messages, i am rewarded with a stream of gibberish which i felt compelled to share. its dada poetry at its finest. enjoy.

“Heat Strategy,complete colleague average occasion show fish special picture side sequence consider build answer capacity security convention parent accompany labour baby limit spend press row method attach herself route link position none individual criminal time alternative value hill succeed detailed medical central listen shoulder wonderful cat must lift tour indicate generate sex access back drive just beginning heart chain strike lay second publication aircraft watch hide variation planning give sir answer income system representation advice care must member close story allow insurance increase tree somewhat intention woman able recognise suffer existing degree that boy”

read what meaning you will into it, i enjoyed it for what it is. its almost joycean in its beautiful randomness.


2 Responses to Spam

  1. xtna says:

    Reminds me of the stream of conscious notes I used to write in high school except I am fairly sure my ramblings had bits of boy troubles, cruel parents, absurd world and bored in the classroom bits in its dialog. There was some true artistry there I can tell ya.

  2. Greg The Elder says:

    Always get a chuckle out of filtering, not only is it lyrical, but I’m amazed at what is considered spam words.

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