Jumping the gun

yeah, yeah, i still need to post the recaps of meals 47 and 48, i plan on doing it in the next 24 hours… however, gun jumping in progress, i have begun the skeletal outline for the follow-on project, Forever Feasting! I hope you all will continue along with me on the journey of culinary exploration that we have begun over the last year. i am far from done and i look forward to the fresh ideas my wife, daughter and son will bring to the table, pun fully intended.

well, bags to pack, posts to write, check out the new blog and enjoy…


One Response to Jumping the gun

  1. xtna says:

    I am still working on the Forever Feasting on a Budget idea…you, my darling, are a champagne guy who must face the beer budget. Except when it comes to roadside vendors. But, compromise has not failed us yet. Luna is looking forward to the mushroom stroganoff.

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