Final Feast Preview

I don’t want to remove all reasons for everyone to read the last week of the blog so just a little tease… i’ve decided to make feast 48 the perfect bookend to the beginning of the project, the feast before the feasts. to this end, my plan is to cater my own going away party. stay tuned for a final menu of bar food slated for Saturday the 24th, the night of my going away at the VIP club.


10 Responses to Final Feast Preview

  1. Greg The Elder says:

    While I will be extremely happy to know your on this side of the water, I must confess, I’ll hate to see the blog end. Perhaps you should start a new blog or a rechristening of this one. Look at the benefits, you’ll further your culinary skill in an organized perodic manner, you’ll please xtna, with a nice weekly meal, it’ll give you a side outlet with the plating and photography, plus lead into a follow-on to 48 feast. just thoughts

  2. Greg The Elder says:

    As a further thought, it would be neat to see the perspective of fixing fine food with kids in mind too, most gourmands tailor their food and thoughts towards adults only.

  3. 48feasts says:

    I have been giving that quite a bit of thought because i do really enjoy the process of planning, shopping and executing a weekly meal. My tentative idea was to create a follow on project with the name “Forever Feasting”, possibly more sporadic than weekly due to the fact that i will have a life again. I would like to keep it as an every sunday thing but i definitely have more scheduling freedom here while i am alone than with the full family of concerns.

    I’ll make a post one way or another but i would be surprised if this doesn’t continue in some way shape or form…

  4. You are almost there my friend!

  5. Joe Wallace says:

    VERY excited for you. I hope Forever Feasting happens. and I owe you a large debt for turning me on to the writings of Anthony Bourdain who is, in my not-so-humble estimation, a writer’s writer. A newfound literary hero of mine, truly…and a true colleague too, since he works in television. Strange to consider someone like Bourdain a colleague but he’s part of the brotherhood—as are YOU now, my friend. This work you’ve got here is a real accomplishment and can only lead to bigger and better.

  6. What a long, strange, yummy trip it’s been.

  7. Will you make me that grilled cheese in September? πŸ™‚ I too will be sad to see this come to an end. But knowing you, you’ll find a way to morph it into something even better…

  8. 48feasts says:

    you can count on a grilled cheese and whatever else might strike your fancy. even in my cooking, i am an exhibitionist, i do so love an audience.

  9. Kristen Hickey says:

    Hey boss! Congrats on finally coming home! I have followed your year away and enjoyed reading all your culinary exploits. I hope your feasts have helped you pass the time and look forward to reading more once you are home; I think “Forever Feasting” is a great idea!

    Oh, and if you are in Aurora before you move on to your next location (Bri said he heard you got changed from GA to Co Springs?), drop us a line…we’ll do dinner, maybe Old Chicago’s?

  10. 48feasts says:

    hey, glad to see you checked it out. we plan on staying in aurora with me commuting back and forth so dinner will definitely work. and yeah, old chicago is a place i can tolerate going πŸ™‚ i’ve got a few more tour to complete before getting my stein…

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