48F Supplemental – Old Habits and New Friends

I suppose anyone who actually reads my blog and knows why i’m doing it is surprised by the fact that there was no post this week. yes, i am home, amongst those that love me and that i love. i am also in the midst of 3.5 weeks of decadence that i will be paying for in the months to come. and that is alright. i am at terms with it.

tomorrow, my lovely wife is driving me to fort collins so i might visit the odell brewery, one of my favorites. their levity amber ale is a force to be reckoned with and i hope that all my readers manage to give it a try at one time or another.

in the meantime, here is how i have spent the last week on vacation. enjoy the pictorial and please post a comment if you want specifics on any of the below. i would post a full review but hey, i’m on vacation. there will be time enough for postin’ when the drinkin’s done.


Wasting no time, beer from the pub in the SFO Airport

Second beer in SFO pub

Anchor Brewery Winter Seasonal in SFO airport

Menu from Anchor Brewery in SFO Airport

Catching up with an old favorite from England

Read about it, had to drink it...

Hands Down, the most unique beer i have ever had... amazing...

great beer, going to cellar a couple for posterity...

There is a reason its called the Czar. check it out...

heavy coffee flavor, i liked but the wife did not...

wanted to get this one on tap at SFO but was almost as good out of the bottle

An old favorite, definitely worth a try

tasty but not the best beer i have ever tasted...

i really enjoyed this one, very smooth back end to the vanilla flavor.

russian wheat ale = tasty

very passable andworth the purchase

i like the russian porter, very very much...

ZOMG, beautiful woman and wonderful beer, i am in heaven!!!

somehow, not as good without the hottie holding it...

i loved the subtle berry undertones to this one, please check it out...

just finished this one, time to select and pour another fabulous brew...


3 Responses to 48F Supplemental – Old Habits and New Friends

  1. Greg The Elder says:

    Really like the Peche Mortel (how do you do accent marks) label, don’t know if i’d like the beer but like the label. Quit bragging on your lady, we all know she’s good looking and even better, she takes care of you. Somebody has too. Hope you have a “Moderate” new years

  2. Um. Did you actually drink all of those?

    And yes. She is a beautiful lady. That wife of yours.

  3. 48feasts says:

    why yes, i drank all of those and 16 other different ones while we were out and about. it was a good vacation! šŸ™‚

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