Feast 18 – The Video

okay, managed to borrow a cable and master the video for Feast 18… it turned out ok, i’m definitely an amateur when it comes to video production but its watchable. my camera is definitely showing its age, it may be digital but its 10 years old now. i use a wide angle lens for the field of view but that leaves some artifacts in the corners, shadowed areas. if i film another, i will stick to the basic lens i think.

if anyone would like a copy of said video, drop me a line at greginkorea@hotmail.com and i will hook you up. include a good mailing address, even if i know it, just so i can have it handy to post the packages. this one is on me, i want to share!

oh and cath, you don’t get a choice, this one was pretty much made with you in mind.


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