Feast Three – Cooking is for sissies…

…real men eat their meat raw.

this weekend, i am continuing the al fresco theme for one more feast, with any luck i am moving to permanent accommodations on tuesday and will have cooking facilities for feast four. that being said, here’s the thoughts for this weekends endeavors:

tomato and mozzarella salad with basil
beef carpaccio on a bed of greens
sliced buttered baguettes

simplicity has its place and i hope that i can find ingredients that make these dishes shine. i will be shopping this evening or tomorrow morning so more to follow after that.


4 Responses to Feast Three – Cooking is for sissies…

  1. xtnadln says:

    Sounds yummy, except the beef.

  2. Beast of Bourbon says:

    Scratch n sniff jpegs this time buddy or YOU DIE!!!

  3. Joe Wallace says:

    Ahh the joys of eating e.coli-free raw meat. One thing missing from this though–this meal is begging for a good glass of red.

  4. xtnadln says:

    you guys sound way too blood thirsty…

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