Feast Two – The Results

ah, another week gone. i wish i could say that its going quickly but well, like any man in love, a moment away from my darling is a moment too long. anyway, the food:

i opted to skip the cheesecake for this meal for two reasons. first off, with other things going on during the day, i prepared this feast as a lunch repast and for me, lunch and dessert doesn’t make alot of sense. the other reason is that i am, despite my omnivorous ways and refined(?) tastes, trying to lose a few pounds during my stay here in korea so again, dessert wasn’t an option.

however, the prosciutto wrapped melon and cream cheese smoked salmon wraps turned out great. here is how i rolled it out.

prosciutto wrapped melon:

this one is fairly basic, you slice the melon and wrap prosciutto around it. share and enjoy. i added a personal touch by lightly dusting the melon with ancho chili powder and squeezing a bit of lime over before wrapping with the ham. the three factors, the chill/sweetness of the melon, the chewiness/savory flavors of the ham, and the subtle kick of the chili/lime gave the dish a bit of complexity that i really enjoyed. i also managed to share this meal with my co-prisoner Eddie (whom i know from back in the day in England) and the look on his face when he tried the melon said it all. resounding success as far as i am concerned.

prosciutto wrapped melon and cream cheese smoked salmon rolls

prosciutto wrapped melon and cream cheese smoked salmon rolls

Cream Cheese Smoked Salmon rolls:

for this course, i took a page from the sushi book and used some common flavor/texture combinations with a little liberty of my own. i used some tomato basil tortillas as the wrappers. lay the wrappers out flat and spread a generous portion of cream cheese on it, ensuring that you get some on the right hand edge (to assist with sealing the roll when you assemble). then, a few grinds of black pepper over the cream cheese. fill with smoked salmon, cucumber and slivered garlic. sprinkle a bit of chopped baby dill over and roll as you would a sushi maki. cut into four pieces and enjoy.

cream cheese smoked salmon rolls

cream cheese smoked salmon rolls

while these turned out tasty, the one failing was that smoked salmon is hard to come by here for some reason. i resorted to using boxed shelf stable smoked salmon that had a bit dense of a texture and a little too fishy of a flavor. yeah, i know, its fish, its supposed to be fishy but there has to be some subtlety or you lose the impact of all the other ingredients. my favorite part of this dish is that because of the uneven distribution of ingredients in the rolls, each bite had a different balance with different flavors shining through. some bites had larger amounts of dill, some balanced to garlic. quite nice.

well, thats 2 down, 46 to go, please post your thoughts. i am entertaining the thought of taking it outside next week if i don’t have a permanent location with cooking facilities. i have written an introduction to my opinions on grilling that will be published a few days ahead if that is the case.

more soon…


4 Responses to Feast Two – The Results

  1. xtnadln says:

    sounds gorgeous,as the brits say…too bad about the cheesecake, but i definitely understand. love ya, xtna

  2. xtnadln says:

    Luna says the food looks delicious…she commented on how the wraps look like sushi and she says she wishes she could have some. She said the cream cheese looks good. And she said she misses you.

  3. Beast of Bourbon says:

    i licked my monitor

  4. Excellent! Pictures!

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