whisky experience one

ok, nothing stellar to report. there is a severe lack of availability here on the base of whisky of any quality. lots of blended stuff but that is not what i am after. at the second establishment i stopped in, they at least had a 12 yr glenlivet which can be counted as my first official scotch whisky tasting. it was nice and soft, well balance. warming to the stomach and pleasant. not as complex as i was looking for but it is my first baby step. i really should have taken up this interest while in england. i mean we traveled to scotland several times for god’s sake. but no, i wait until i am in the armpit of south korea to try to develop my palate.\

i do like a challenge i guess.


One Response to whisky experience one

  1. Joe Wallace says:

    On the scotch front:

    You can get a very nice 12-year old Macallan single malt in the duty-free shop in most airports. I highly recommend the 18-year old Macallan but is pricey. I had a 50 dollar shot of the 30 year old Macallan once in Seoul–I HAD to know what it tasted like and endured the derision of my co-workers over paying 50 bucks for a shot. But I WAS TDY so the government paid for it, more or less. HAH!

    Glenfiddich is what I’d call the Budweiser of the single malts. You did well with the Glenlivet as that’s the middle ground between Glenfiddich and Macallan. I recommend the 12 year old Glenlivet French Oak version as it’s got a very unique flavor because of those oak barrels.

    Try comparing lowlands malts to Speysides–you can taste the ocean in the Speyside malts. Nice. Now that you’ve had Glenlivet, try Glenfiddich (just once) before you try the Macallan–then you’ll truly appreciate Macallan šŸ™‚ There are many many others but those three are highly available (even in Korea) and priced more or less reasonably. But then you’re talking to someone who doesnt mind paying $75 for a good bottle of something.

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