Feast Two – Embracing Al Fresco

ok, its only wednesday but i am pretty excited about this weekend’s meal. everything is subject to change based on my momentary whims but as i mentioned last post, my theme for this weekend is “embracing al fresco”. good thing too seeing as i have no choice but to go with cold prepared kinda dishes but honestly, after my initial kick start, i am excited about it, excited enough that the next few weeks are already roughed out in my notes.

but don’t let me get ahead of myself. Feast two is a celebration of the bright flavors and cool textures that i love most about summer types of foods. it helps a bit that it is already getting hot and muggy here. cool refreshing foods seem like a respite from all thats around me. as much as i like cooking, hot dishes are not the order of the day. without further ado, here is what i am looking at for this weekend:

starter: melon slices wrapped in prosciutto, flavored with lime and cayenne. the melon and ham are a traditional but i wanted to incorporate the flavor of spiced fruit that is common in san antonio. the local grocery store, H.E.B., sells fruit cups with premixed lime and chili flakes for flavoring. it really brightens the flavors and what can i say, i’m a sucker for a little spicy addition.

main: i plan on doing a wrap, not sure if it will be with flatbread or tortillas, that will be based on availability and the morning whim when i go shopping. for the filling, i am looking at smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber and some fresh dill. a bit of cracked black pepper to finish it off and chill… i want to be careful of the bread to filling ratio and don’t plan on using a large amount of salmon so tortillas may be the way to go…

dessert: well, i deserve it. desserts are tasty and just a bit of decadence is just what i need. i’m looking at a no bake cheesecake with kahlua, topped with a crushed chocolate biscotti. i’m going to be making a small cheesecake as a full sized one would be just a little too decadent and would counterbalance all this work in the gym i have been putting in.

anyway, thats the rough sketch, subject to change based on availability and me changing my mind šŸ™‚


3 Responses to Feast Two – Embracing Al Fresco

  1. Woo hoo! My taste buds are tingling! : )

  2. xtnadln says:

    umm, cheesecake…everything sounds delicioso…do they have turkey prosciutto? hee hee

  3. 48feasts says:

    this will probably be a great disappointment but a variety of factors has influenced me to drop the cheesecake from today’s lineup. i’m working it as a light lunch instead with just the starter and the wraps.

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