reflections on “feasts”

my current limitations have driven me to wax poetic on what constitutes a “feast”. i found out yesterday that there is a 4 – 6 week wait for dorm rooms in my category. this leaves me with extremely limited food prep options… ok, fine, given lemons you make lemonade… i see this as a test of ability and creativity. fine. great.

but, i see things happening on a smaller scale, given the limitations of a microwave and a fridge being my only resources… so, what makes a meal a feast?

I think that it boils down to a matter of perspective… i imagine that to someone lost in a desert who finally finds an oasis, a chilled mango would be the greatest of imaginable feasts. those surrounded by constant decadence would probably require a bit more to constitute the use of the phrase feast. i for one am somewhere in the middle. limited facility, caught up by basic ingredients but still with a will to create. i believe that given the circumstance, it comes down to expression. how do i manipulate ingredients with few techniques available to create something that i both exciting and maybe a little inventive?

Bottom line, i am going to try my best to keep focused and make due with what i have. my sanity depends on it. i have been reviewing off the top of my head traditional preparations that can be created with my current resources… at the top of the list, the tapanade that i previously mentioned… endless varieties of sandwiches… ceviche… tartar… variations on sushi… salads of all shapes and sizes. i see it as a challenge but not an insurmountable one. creation will continue.

keep posted.


One Response to reflections on “feasts”

  1. Kristen says:

    I recall an experience I had with a microwave and spaghetti about 4 months after I arrived at my first duty station.

    The spaghetti came out ok, amazingly enough, but I imagine it was hilarious watching me run back and forth between the first floor breakroom (where the microwave was) and my 2nd floor dorm room.

    Hope you found things to make for your first feasts that excite you but still work well within your forced limitations. And don’t forget, you could always crash the dorm kitchen! 🙂

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