Feast One – Tapanade-ish Sandwich

Ok, limited resources, blah blah blah, refer to my previous post for those details, lets just get to brass tacks here.

i am on my way to shop for tomorrow’s feast. i will make no apologies for the simplicity of the prep, a feast is where you find it. here is my plan, more to follow on whether it falls out as planned (all based on ingredient availability and flexibility)

Sandwiches with Tapanade

(for the tapanade)
1/2 cup black olives
4 cloves garlic
1/4 cup diced red bell pepper
1 serrano pepper
a bit of fresh parsley
a bit of fresh basil
olive oil

As much as i would like to have a food processor for this, well, i don’t so i will make due. this is one of the simplest preparations you are likely to use but also a very versatile one. i am using this as a sandwich filling but it could easily serve as a simple topping for grilled chicken, tossed with some pasta or even just dipped with some french bread or chips.

the key to this is to dice all ingredients as finely as possible and to pulverize them to a smooth paste. i will be using an improvised mortar and pestle using a measuring cup and a wide bowl spoon but honestly a food processor would be much quicker and easier. dice the olives, garlic, peppers and the herbs as fine as you can and drizzle with just enough olive oil to coat, stirring as you go. you want a paste, not a soup so be a bit stingy with the olive oil. after you get a smooth consistency, salt and pepper to taste and it wouldn’t hurt to refrigerate for an hour or two prior to use.

the sandwich

sandwiches, well, they are sandwiches and you can use just about anything you want for fillings but here is my plan.

sourdough bread
thinly sliced salami
mozzerella chees
extremely thinly sliced tomato
tapanade from above

ok, not going to insult your intelligence by telling you how to build a sandwich. only tip is to use multiple thin layers of each ingredient for a good mesh of flavors and an appealing appearance/texture. ideally, i would toast the sourdough but given my limitations, well, lets just leave it at the fact my bread will not be toasted.

serve either alone or with a nice cup of soup.


5 Responses to Feast One – Tapanade-ish Sandwich

  1. Greg Senior says:

    The Tapanade sounds good do you think it would go well with a nice Greek Halloumi or Kasseri tad sharper than mozzerella but think the contrast would be good.

  2. 48feasts says:

    if i were using halloumi, i would pan fry it in scant olive oil until just crisp on the outside both to improve the flavor of the halloumi (which is one of my favorite cheeses) and to give a nice texture contrast. as you will see in tomorrow’s post, i ended up going with an aged provelone but i’m getting ahead of myself and need to leave you all some reason to read tomorrow’s post… 🙂

  3. xtnadln says:

    you’re so cute when you are snobby about food. but halloumi would be good with the tapenade. so long as you eat promptly as halloumi does get rubbery after awhile.

  4. Melissa says:

    The Tapanade sounds good. Think the Halloumi sounds nice, but you have to work with what you have.

    The wait for a dorm definately puts a damper on the feasts. Will be curious to see what you make while you are waiting.

  5. This is neat! I’m going to make some of the stuff you post (the not too challenging stuff) and try!

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