typing this on my psp using a wireless access point so it will be relatively brief and likely poorly spelled/punctuated. i haved arrived safe and sound in korea. for the next 30 days i will be living in a hotel with no cooking facilities so expect some creative options for the first few feasts… i am looking at a riff on a tapanade this weekend. more to follow when i have a more efficient posting method…


7 Responses to arrival

  1. Good to hear you got there safe Gregor….I’ll be checking in to keep an eye on you! Love your way…

  2. staca says:

    Seconding the ‘glad you made it.’

  3. Joe Wallace says:

    Glad you made it safe and sound. Good luck and I am still down for a visit if you want 🙂 Am having some amusing life dilemmas which could culminate in travel. Send word. Keep this blog going going going….you’ve got a book in you, matey.


  4. Greg Senior says:

    4th the safe and 2nd the book, write them get rich so i can mooch off you;>)

  5. Kristen says:

    Glad you arrived safely and sorry that we couldn’t make it to your farewell. Hope you are enjoying what you can of the ROK, time really does go by more quickly that you think it will. Keep up the writing, you’ve definatly got a talent for it!

    I can’t wait to move on to your first feast!

  6. 48feasts says:

    i hope disney was fun… tell brian that i am waiting to hear about his orders here 🙂

  7. Kristen says:

    Disney was a blast, but it’s not nice to jinx us like that! LOL!

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