First off, i’m not sure when i will make my next post. i’m not even sure when i will be able to read any comments to this one. in about 9 hours, i leave to fly out to korea. it’s been an impending disaster for so long that it became abstract but is now forcing its way into reality in a big sorta way… yup, tomorrow morning, i’m going to korea…

in some ways, its good news. for you, the blog reader, there will be substance, the actual beginning of this little project. it also means that i have 364 and a wake up until i’m finished with this chapter and moving onward with my family to bigger and better things. you’ll hear the whole daycount and a wake up quite often over the next year i imagine. its a deeply ingrained tradition, the counting of time while separated from loved ones, while serving a defined sentence of one sort or another. thinking of it makes my mind wander to other traditions…

traditions are the cornerstone of what we define as family. shared experiences that recur and mark special occasions or just happen. you can bank on them. my wife and i both value tradition. we have began to consciously develop traditions for our family. many of them revolve around food. as a family we make tamales for christmas. the week before halloween we carve a pumpkin and my wife roasts the seeds. as a staple dessert for holiday meals, i make a traditional version of flan… almost every sunday, my daughter and i make pancakes together. today was the last sunday for seven months that i will have this privilege… i look forward to the end of the chapter more than anything so that i can regain choices over my traditions.

i would be interested in knowing what traditions the people reading this have, please comment and share if you wish…

my next post will be from korea, all dependent on when i can get commercial internet access. i will draft posts and make them available when i am able.



4 Responses to Traditions/Departure

  1. Beast of Bourbon says:

    I get drunk every weekend, does that count?

  2. xtna says:

    Hey there,

    For all of you fans of 48feasts feel free to check out how the other half lives during this whole culinary shebang…not quite as tasty, but filled with trials and tribulations. I am at:

  3. Melissa says:

    The best to you and your family. I look forward to reading more of this blog when you are able to resume.
    As for traditions in my family.. Making Oyster Dressing for Thanksgiving Dinner, for me it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it.

  4. We don’t have many family traditions, and those we do are kind of silly. When my Dad died, somehow holidays and other “occasions” became mostly painful reminders of his abscence. Although that faded with time, we didn’t really develop too many traditions afteraward. Kind of sad….

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