Feast Before the Feast – Aftermath/brussels sprouts

Well, the easiest thing to say about todays endeavor is that its done. overall, i would rate it a B+, maybe an A-. people left the house full and happy, i guess that’s bottom line. i personally had a few technical issues that didn’t exactly thrill me. i ran into the problem of having only one pan of a certain size so had to cook the majority of the meal sequentially instead of parallel. not a major problem but i thought the corn fritters could have been a bit crispier. the empty platter points to this being a minor issue so i will have to write it off.

and i have to be honest with myself. the eggplant dish was fairly poor. i had issues with the size and shape of the eggplant and modified the prep technique from a deep fry to a pan bake and overall, it left the dish a bit flat. the flavors were there but it could have been cafeteria food in all honesty.

eggplant casserole

spanish style potatoes

the surprise dark horse of the evening was the brussels sprouts. for me, it was a throw away dish, just a quick one to bang out to get an extra green on the plate. i am shocked at how well received it was. one guest who proclaimed to hate brussels sprouts was spotted with not one, not two but three servings of the little leprechaun heads. i call that a result. so, due to popular demand, here is my “recipe”.

there have been a few recipes that i have been embarrassed about sharing. not that they are bad, i just see them as so simple that it seems silly to bother committing them to paper (or electrons). these are the dishes that i make almost instinctively, never referring to a recipe or checking amounts. i just make them. salsa, brisket, mashed potatoes, crepes, stuff like that… these brussels sprouts recipe falls into that category. its hard to call it a recipe but here it goes.

the oddly popular brussels sprouts

the oddly popular brussels sprouts

first off, fresh brussels sprouts. if you are pulling a bag of frozen greens from the freezer, you are probably on the wrong website. rinse them off, dry them but don’t get too hung up on moisture, its not that deep. put the sprouts in a large bowl. generously drizzle with olive oil. sprinkle with salt and pepper. toss in the bowl to get a good coat on all the sprouts. heat a dry pan over medium high until it reaches max temp. toss in the sprouts and cook them, shuffling periodically to try to get a nice blistering on all sides of each sprout. mine usually take about 20 – 25 minutes but i have left them for longer without much negative effect. dish them onto your cutting board, cut each in half and serve immediately. share and enjoy.

empty platters = happy guests

empty platters = happy guests


3 Responses to Feast Before the Feast – Aftermath/brussels sprouts

  1. Beast of Bourbon says:

    the whole event was a joy. thanks greg. and yeah the sprouts rocked. so did the brisket.

  2. Victoria says:

    I’ve yet to meet a green food thing I don’t like but I tend to eating them all raw. So, any “recipe” or mere instruction to cook the greenery is much appreciated. What may be instinctive to you is probably instructive to me.

  3. 48feasts says:

    in my opinion/experience, less is more when it comes to vegetables. the reason most of us grew up with a distaste for vegetation is the overcooked pulpy aftermath of vegetable abuse. for everyday use, we go in for steaming. heat a steamer pot to a rolling boil, drop the veggies in the basket, cover and turn the heat off. the residual heat/steam from the water will nicely cook the veggies over a 10 minute or so period. leave it covered until time to serve and then a little sprinkle of salt and pepper, shredded hard cheese if you are feeling a little crazy.

    steaming is awesome because it maintains all the structural integrity and coloration of the veggie. don’t over steam, limp vegetables are unappealing vegetables.

    other than that, simplest prep method is as above for the sprouts. toss lightly in olive oil and cook over a hot dry pan. we use this for broccoli as well and again, a little sprinkle of salt and pepper and you are good to go.

    i’ll post a few more veggie things in the near future. mmmmm glazed carrots 🙂

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