seperation anxiety

Yesterday, i packed up all the gear that is destined for Korea and saw it put into little boxes and the little boxes put into big boxes which in turn were put on a truck… ok, fine, thats great, my stuff is on its way, this project is finally getting started.

here’s the kicker, i got thirty days left here. i was cooking a meal for the family tonight and at every turn, something was missing. the pan i use for crepes, my meat mallet, my rolling pin. i can only imagine that once i get over there, i will be missing the stuff thats here.

fragmentation is crap. the kitchen items are just an outward symptom of the overall fragmentation that is hitting my family and i for the next year.

now it begins.


4 Responses to seperation anxiety

  1. xtna says:

    Yes, our potholder does look empty at only 50% capacity. The agony of waiting and the guilt of wishing we could get this party started. We’ll miss the pancakes…

  2. Greg Senior says:

    The positive thing is, it’s only for 48 meals. With me it was the books missing from the bookcase. We all have our own mundane things to objectify unwanted things we know are must bes’. Keep a firm eye on that last meal on that side and the first meal on this side.

  3. 48feasts says:

    as xtna has alluded to, more than anything we just want it to hurry up and start so we can get on with it. all the little things are just reminders. its hard to believe that in 31 days i will be cooking the first of my 48 feasts. i anticipate having to “cook” it without a stove or oven since i will be in transit so i am looking forward to a little innovative methodology. it’ll also be nice to get to the actual content of this blog instead of all the precursory rambling. photos and recipes will make it a much more interesting read…

    have you seen the zelazny project? a series of hardbound books encompassing all his stories from their various sources, the first two are available now.

  4. Gregor, for our part, we are going to toast to you for each feast. I totally understand about wanting to get it going so that the clock starts ticking….we’re thinking about you…

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