I’m not superstitious but…

So, i’m reading this great book, My Last Supper: 50 Great Chefs and Their Final Meals… its a great little coffee table book for food lovers and the generally morbid. 50 chefs are asked the what, where, who and how of their imagined last supper on this earth. answers range from straight forward down to earth comfort food (which i admire) to in depth descriptions of very specific ingredients obtained from very specific sources (which truth to be told bores me a little). great photography as well, all in all a pleasant book.

ah but here is the rub, i started thinking… ok, this would be a proper mile marker for what would constitute a proper meal. all i have to do is play the last meal game, honestly figure out for myself what the absolute pinnacle of dining perfection would be, the one meal i would choose to have before i slip off this mortal coil. and then of course, make it and have a great time eating it.

but somewhere in that thought process, i got caught in a little conundrum… i’m not the kinda guy that knocks on wood or tosses salt over the shoulder or really does anything to fend off evil spirits of any kind. i’m not superstitious. but at the same time, i have a healthy respect for fate and the many forms of irony delivered in its name.

i’m not superstitious but think of it this way… i sit down and i have myself a nice long think about the one meal i would have before dying. i then cook this meal and eat it. is that not just tossing it out there, hey, i’ve had my last supper, i’m done, do what you will with me.

so, first off, if i ever figured out the perfect meal, it would be the one meal that i could never comfortably eat (internal strange loop in this statement). i think its best not to play the game and just to cook really good meals that i can enjoy while alive.

but really, i’m not superstitious. really.


8 Responses to I’m not superstitious but…

  1. Beast of Bourbon says:

    “…and the generally morbid.”

    You, morbid? Really? Morbid? You think you’re morbid? How could anyone think you’re morbid…

    /channeling you, ca. 1993 or something, heh

  2. 48feasts says:

    morbid maybe… but not superstitious 🙂

  3. xtna says:

    why not? if you wait until you are dead or dying you won’t get to have that meal. carpe diem! besides i AM superstitious AND morbid and eating your last meal appeals to my sense of humor. problem is i am not the foodie that you are and i have no idea what that meal would be…come on say it!

  4. Greg Senior says:

    I have never ever known you to be morbid, paranoid or suspicious of motives….. oh sorry posting to the wrong person 😉

  5. Greg Senior says:

    last meal sounds a little like death row type stuff… now that is morbid. But I could see maybe eating ice cream from the navel of a beautiful woman or maybe eating a bunch of grapes on the top of Mount Everest, brought up one grape at a time.

  6. 48feasts says:

    reminds me of the high end sushi places where the sushi is laid out on a naked young lady. now thats a meal worth the trip and a little extra in the tip.

  7. J. Wallace says:

    I can’t possibly imagine what a last meal would be like–how could you possibly narrow it down? I’d want to sample EVERYTHING. And finish with ice cream.

  8. How could you enjoy a last meal if you knew what was coming?

    Gregor–this post had me absolutely howling with laughter. I even made Scott pause his show and read it to him! : )

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