ok, i may be getting a little stodgy in my advanced age… i might not be as cutting edge as i once was… but i can’t help it, i’m frustrated by the very concept of fusion cuisine.

ok, great, you take something from one genre, add either prep elements or flavors from another and bam! instant high class cuisine right? The theory is sound, if two things taste great, they must taste great together… chocolate and peanut butter… bacon and eggs, beer and pizza… you get the picture.

well, i think it points to a lack of respect for the ingredient you are working with. call me a traditionalist but my steak doesn’t need a mango chutney. as a matter of fact, my steak doesn’t need anything but a generous sprinkling of salt and pepper and about 3 1/2 minutes per side.

i think fusion is borne from a boredom with traditional methods and ingredients. its a result of people always looking for the next best thing. well, for my money, the next best thing is overrated. good food (as i am probably going to repeat a million times over the next year) comes from getting the right ingredients, as fresh as possible and preparing them in the manner that is perfect for that ingredient. no need to go crazy with bizarre combinations. respect your ingredients and bring out the best of what they are.


7 Responses to (con)Fusion

  1. Beast of Bourbon says:


  2. 48feasts says:

    ahhhh the innocence of youth… no doubt there was once a time that i would mix anything available together and cook it up but i like to think that i’ve grown a little since then.

    wider at least…

  3. Greg Senior says:

    Don’t know, still have a yearning for egg and pickle sandwiches every now and then.

  4. xtna says:

    okay, i am confused…you like bacon and eggs, pizza and beer, and reeses cups; but i know what a purist you are about your steaks (although once again i know how you like savory and sweet mixed together)…so what is wrong with getting a little jiggy with some ingredients and coming up with something new? perhaps you are more turned off by the trendiness and pretentious behavior of fusion cooking?…that said, i tend to prefer simple foods with fresh ingredients myself.

  5. J. Wallace says:

    For my money, fusion cooking is the Drag Queen of food—it’s all about style over substance, a collection of people who are brave enough to tart up to the nines but not quite committed enough to go and get the surgery, if you get my meaning.

    And damn near proving my point about style over substance are the teeny-weeny portions you get with fusion.

    The two worst things in the world that can go together on a sign anywhere are the words “Asian” and “Fusion”. RUN AWAY SCREAMING.

    Closest I ever came to fusion food was that time I made a curry pizza.

  6. 48feasts says:

    i got one word for you… omiya’s.

    you gotta respect the pizza curry place on green pole road, two great tastes that taste great together.

  7. Omiya’s! My goodness! Yes, yes, yes!

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