Beverages – Coffee (short note)

I’ve just received a french press as an early anniversary present. This and 9 pounds of coffee has made me a happy man. I had never had coffee made in a french press before but it is an eye opening experience. the coffee tastes so much fuller and richer. I am sold. I have made around a dozen cups since getting it yesterday and would willingly throw away my drip machine at this point. good ingredients + good technique = excellent beverage.


5 Responses to Beverages – Coffee (short note)

  1. xtna says:

    unless you are willing to get up at five in the morning to make me a fresh cup of french pressed cafe I suggest you do not throw out our drip machine…but, i am glad you are enjoying your gift.

  2. Greg Senior says:

    Well said xtna 😉 There comes a point where the search for perfection runs into how much work it causes. Obviously I’m a lazy person, The only thing that makes them special is because I don’t do them very often.

  3. Joe Wallace says:

    Ah, you make me wish I still drank coffee. French press is by far the best. It satisfied all me needs in the coffee department–there was a ritual, exact temperatures and timings, plus the flavor…wow. I loved making Italian roast in the press–that was by far my favorite discovery vs. how it tastes the dowdy old drip way.

  4. Joe Wallace says:

    Xtna—you made me laugh out loud, because for some reason you conjured the mental image of our intrepid blogger wearing a French maid’s outfit making you the press coffee at 5 A.M. and calling you “ma’am” pronounced British-style…

    “Will there be anything else, yer mahhhhm?”

  5. Instant satisfaction. I love those things….

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