Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance…

I feel like i am planning an expedition to the furthest reaches of civilization… I have been agonizing over what utensils, what pots and pans, what cook books to take. Sad fact of the matter, with my wife and i separated for this year, we need to split the goods as equitably as possible. Both of us have to have the basics to cook… for a short term deal like this, it makes little sense to purchase new items, not for such limited use. and yet, when i try to think, which items will i leave behind, i falter. my large skillet? my saute pan? my stock pot? my steamer pot? my griddle? my cast iron skillet? each has its role and i am reluctant to do without any of them. and yet i must.

i hope i can at least get visitation rights… 🙂

here is a quick list of kitchen essentials that i plan on taking, to be amended as needed.
Cast Iron Skillet
Large Frying pan
Small Stock Pot
Omelet Pan
F Dick Cutlery Set
Large Cutting Board
Kitchen Scale
Immersion Blender
Crock Pot
Loaf Pan
Cookie Sheet

i’m missing things, better to figure it out now than 94 days from now…


15 Responses to Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance…

  1. xtna says:

    perhaps some items to use to eat these feasts?

  2. Beast of Bourbon says:

    That looks like the track listing to a lost Zappa album. “Cookie Sheet” would be an awesome listen…

  3. I never thought about that! Yeah….having the right tools would be key, but splitting them up is gonna make this hard, eh?

  4. Greg Senior says:

    An Adventure I wish I could embark on, not the trip to Korea (I’m not stupid) but trying your own adaptations of local cusine. But in truth you could go with half of the physical items. True good food is’nt created by great hardware it’s made by great cooks. Understand your desire to have exactly what you need but also know there will always be something you’d like that you don’t have, but I have faith you’ll improvise and overcome.

  5. 48feasts says:

    necessity is indeed the mother of invention so there is no doubt i will work it out. i guess i am just a little spoiled, its nice to have the right tool for the right job. Alton Brown (see respect page) has a thing against kitchen items with a single use (unitaskers) that makes sense, those sorts of items can be culled and save space for the more versatile tools that can be used for a range of purposes. so, i’ll probably leave behind the omelet pan in favor of a larger skillet, just remembering to be a little more careful with temperature control and cooking medium. more on that later 🙂

  6. Joe Wallace says:

    Beast of Bourbon! So glad to see you posting here…not sure if you remember me as I was pretty Lurky on the LPD/Smothered Hope lists but I certainly remember youse. Good to see you.

    I do envy the access to actual Korean cuisine, but not the reason or duration of said access. Hite, my man, is your friend. Made by Koreas with some advice from Germany…I can’t say enough about it.

  7. Greg Senior says:

    Don’t know about the Immersion Blender, most of the local sauces and puree’s are hand blended gives a rougher texture but works well with the eastern spices and product, Finding the right fire, is always a problem. Probably only choices will be electric or propane, neither Ideal. As a side note I actually learned to cook on a wood stove so tend to pay attention to the heat more than most.

  8. 48feasts says:

    heat control has been the bane of my existence, working with an electric stove its iffy to say the least. i imagine that i will be stuck with electric in korea as well, i can’t see them risking the fire hazard of running gas thru the dorms. its a question of learning your stove, learning the individual burners on the stove and making sure you use a decent pan that conducts evenly. i’d like to do some work on open flame, that is one of the retirement projects, i plan on rediscovering some of man’s earlier accomplishments, building by hand the six simple machines, finding a place where i can fish, clean, cook and eat a meal without technological interference. i’m by no means a luddite but would like to explore the more basic things when time affords…

  9. 48feasts says:

    oh, to clarify, while local availability of ingredients will probably slant me towards the eastern cuisines, i’m not focusing on them entirely, i plan on making this a world journey with anything and everything a possibility.

  10. By the way….great title!

  11. Oh….and are we going to get any photos of your creations?

  12. 48feasts says:

    yes, the blog will be fully visually enhanced, this will of course be during the actual preparation of meals, not really much to photograph during the philosophical run up. perhaps a close up of the interior of my brain…

  13. Sharon West says:

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